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Price: $135.00

New certified Xlerator HEPA filtration system kit. HEPA done right. The Xlertor offers the only certified HEPA filtration system proven to remove 99.97% of potentially present bacteria and particulates from the air in the room, and the only one with a washable pre-filter for reliable performance and extended filter life. Xlerator with HEPA settles the debate about hand dryer hygiene by delivering clean, filtered, purified air as only Xlerator can - fast and efficiently. The HEPA filtration system is now available as an optional Xlerator hand dryer feature and can be easily retrofitted into existing units.

The Xlerator HEPA filtration system is rated to last the lifetime of the warranty. The Xlerator HEPA filter includes a durable and removable stainless steel mesh pre-filter that can be cleaned, rather than replaced, to improve reliability and extend the lifespan of the filter. It is generally recommended that the pre-filter be inspected and cleaned if performance diminishes. If the dryers are installed in an environment that contains excessive lint, dust or other particles in the ambient air, periodic cleaning is recommended.

Do not clean the actual HEPA filter or allow it to come in contact with water.